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Where to go when you cant go - struggling with constipation

Any amount of time spent constipated can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but how long is too long? People with healthy bowel habits have one to three bowel movements per day. Three or more days without a bowel movement may be indication of a problem.

Many things can cause constipation including dehydration, dietary choices, limited mobility, lack of exercise, hormonal changes, certain medications, changes in daily routine, stress to name a few. While constipation is usually self limiting and resides without intervention, constipation that is prolonged, recurrent, or severe may be a sign of a serious illness.

For the mild occasional constipation, there are some interventions that can help.

Make sure that you are having adequate water intake

Eat a well balanced diet

Add fiber to your diet


Eat probiotic foods

It is important to seek medical advice before making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle and before trying any medications.

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